The Red House, Brixton, London

acquired 2021
strategy value creation through planning & design
status in construction
A large Victorian house, in close proximity to Brixton station, where planning consent is being sought for subdivision into three apartments. Architecture for London have been engaged on the basis of their sustainability principles and mastery of design; with an emphasis on using natural materials.

The proposed development is the result of a rigorous design process, pursuing high architectural quality and offering a variety of unit mixes whilst working within an existing property.

The proposed ground floor contains a three-bedroom residential unit (Flat 1). A single storey wraparound extension, leading onto the garden, has been designed to be contextually respectful in regards to its form and materiality. The roofs are angled to reflect the rhythm of the existing closet wing roof and to improve impact and sense of enclosure onto the adjacent properties.

The first floor has been reconfigured to contain a one-bedroom residential unit (Flat 2). The combined kitchen and living room have been designed to allow flexibility of use, including for home working.

The proposed second & third floor via a rear mansard loft extension contains a two-bedroom residential unit (Flat 3).

Although it is generally accepted that historic buildings cannot be expected to perform to the standard of new-builds, the proposal includes careful interventions which provide significant improvement to building performance. As example, a green roof will be installed on the proposed rear ground floor extension contributing towards a sustainable environment by increasing biodiversity, boosting thermal performance and helping to reduce carbon emissions.